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Developement news | 14 May 2012
Incredible failure of meteorology in Cameroon

Cameroon is the only country that is not providing daily whether information to its citizens which can help them make decisions for their activities such as agriculture.

A recent survey by the Citizen’s Association for the Defense of Collective Interests (ACDIC) of 58 meteorological stations in the territory of Cameroon showed that only 03 are functioning effectively.
Of the 55 abandoned, some have become pastures for livestock or dryers for clothes. Others are in advanced state of decay to the point where only former employees can still tell you where the station was.
One will have to brave the grass, snakes and challenge flies and insects of all kinds to see the remains. It is a waste for an indispensable tool.

Cameroon is last
Foreign TV channels often give information indicating what the weather will look like in a near or distant future. The information has often enabled the authorities to take preventive measures to avoid disasters to people’s life. This sometimes makes people to equip themselves against cold, stay home or rescue people at risk of extreme heat.
In other countries, the meteorological services are highly solicited so that they can always make information available on a permanently basis through the television or by radio. For example, it is impossible for planes to fly without reference to the weather. This shows the importance of meteorology.
Meteorology is a service which uses technological tools to provide information on the weather at the moment and in the future. Indeed, it allows us to know the climate, the rainfall on a specific area, the air humidity and soil, and the direction of the wind and speed.

In agriculture, meteorology helps farmers to take decisions with confidence on weather conditions and this is essential for a successful agriculture. If we had functional weather services that inform farmers that it will rain on March 20 or after, for example, planting can begin by March 16 knowing that the seed will certainly be watered by rain on March 20 as planned.
These services may even attract the attention of farmers on temporal rains and permanent rain announcing the planting period.

Weather and Agriculture
As we went to press, the Minister of Transport who is in charge of weather matters made this solemn pledge: “We will make every effort to ensure that the begin to work normally. This is in my roadmap.” This statement was made to the press March 23, 2012 during the celebration of World Meteorological Day.
Martin Nzegang
Meteorological centre, Yaounde

Meteorological centre, Ebolowa

Meteorological centre, Buéa

Meteorological centre, Edea

Meteorological centre, Bafia

Meteorological centre, Nkongsamba


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