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Focus | 21 Apr 2012
How to get a legal status for your enterprise

These enterprises are registered at the registry of cooperatives at the delegation of agriculture. The registration of these social enterprises does not require any specific amount of capital. You are just required to group yourself and have a common interest in Agriculture or livestock. The common interest may be production, transformation or offering services in these sectors.
The requirements for registration are, a constitution, minutes of the last meeting and the filling in of a registration form against a payment of 6000 to 10000 francs.
The main advantages for this social enterprise are that your taxes are fewer or negligible and the procedure is simply. There is also this ready market for this agricultural and livestock products.
The biggest disadvantage is that you require a business registration to export. This means that as a CIG at the level of processing and exporting you most register as a business enterprise at the court and get a tax payers card at finance which entails cost. This is because to export you need an import/export license from the Ministry of commerce and a business registration is a requirement to get it.

Formalities for the creation of business enterprises (Sole proprietor/moral persons)

From the South West Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Small and Medium Size enterprises

NB : -At the deposit of the file, the receipt that is delivered allows the CIG to operate after 60days if the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has not responded.
- CIGs whose benefits go essentially to the members are exempted from the license down to registration in the consular chamber. They are not doing business but a social service.

Business enterprises (sole proprietor, partnership or limited liability)
Business enterprises in this category will include Establishments (Ets) and partnership companies (like SARL, SA…).
These are business enterprises that need a certain amount of social capital to start.
Setting up was quite complicated, it takes months to create one and you have to move from one department to the other to get this or that document.
To remedy this situation the government came up with the ‘one stop shop’ where all the departments concerned are there for you just to take a few days to create. It has been tested in Yaoundé, we cannot attest to how effective it is. Most regions like the South West and North West are still to get their ‘one stop shop’ for the business enterprise creation working.

For the smallest business enterprise, you need the following; a commercial registration that is done at the Court of First Instance where you are creating the business, a tax payers’ card from the regional delegation of finance and the CNPS registration for the workers of the company. You also need a certain amount of social capital depending on the kind of business you are setting up and the size.
The advantage they have is that companies easily create business accounts with banks and can equally benefit from the banks’ loan schemes this is by virtue of their shared capital.

They are also more credible before would-be investing partners because in most large businesses (Limited Liability companies) management is no more individual and every partner is a watch dog to see his shares well managed.
Below are some formalities for the creation of social economy enterprises and business enterprises.
Bangsi Daniel song with information from MINPMEESA

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